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Privacy Policy

This document outlines the privacy policy and information related to the services and features offered by PlayGo11.

"PlayGo11 is neither associated with, nor claims any responsibility or official status with any of the official or non-official sportsperson or team. Further, online fantasy gaming platform PlayGo11 is not associated or affiliated with any private or government cricket league/tournament in any manner unless stated by the organization itself. It is basically a cricket portal which enables its users to play online fantasy cricket game. PlayGo11 does not promote, support or encourage any form of betting or gambling."

The individuals using the services or features provided by PlayGo11, or participating in any of the contest(s) organized by PlayGo11, are bound to comply by its privacy policies mentioned below.

PlayGo11 ensures to maintain and protect the privacy of the individuals using the services, features and contest(s) offered on its platform.

PlayGo11 enhances the user experience by offering a variety of features, information about which is available on our website. The individuals using the features and services offered by PlayGo11 are required to create and register an account with PlayGo11 in order to avail the services offered on its platform.


The individuals wishing to use the services and features of, and participate in the contest(s) organized by PlayGo11, need to complete the registration process on PlayGo11.com. The registration process on PlayGo11 requires the users to submit and verify certain documents for providing personal and contact information to PlayGo11. The documents required for creating and registering an account with PlayGo11 include:

Email ID

Mobile Number


Date of birth

User Invitations

The individuals using the services and features provided by PlayGo11 can invite other individuals who can be either non-registered or already registered users of PlayGo11 using their email address, Facebook usernames, or Google accounts for participating in any of the contest(s) organized by PlayGo11.

Any questions or clarifications with respect to this policy can be sent to PlayGo11.com at [email protected]

The personal information provided by the users can be used by PlayGo11 to either contact the user or to invite the user to register with PlayGo11.com and participate in the Fantasy Games offered. In order to avail the services offered by PlayGo11, the users will have to comply with the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions for participation in any of the Contest(s) offered by PlayGo11.

Use of Information

The user information collected and stored by PlayGo11 is primarily used to provide its services and features to the users. The user information collected by PlayGo11 is associated with the contest(s), or the fantasy games that the individual user wishes to play or participate.

PlayGo11 reserves all the rights to disclose or share the personal information provided by the user with third parties in order to promote fraud protection and reduce the credit risk to minimal levels, providing services requested by the user, complying with legal process, and ensuring security related to our services.

PlayGo11 makes sure that it notifies its users, for any purpose, on a prior basis using their personal or contact information (like username, email address). In an event wherein any user does not want PlayGo11 to use or share his/her data, the users will have the opportunity to withhold their consent for its use other than as listed above.

Use of Cookies

PlayGo11 uses cookies among other tools to collect user information so that it can provide services and features to the users. Every time the user loads the website, the browser sends the cookie back to the server to notify the user's previous activity. A unique number called User Identification (User ID) is assigned to the web browser of the user in order to assist PlayGo11 in understanding the interests of different individual users. Though PlayGo11 assigns User ID or unique numbers to different users availing its services, it can by no means determine or identify who the User is, unless he/she voluntarily identifies himself/herself through the registration process.

A cookie can be defined as a piece of data stored on the hard drive of the user’s system that enables PlayGo11 to recognize the user, and the path user follows while visiting PlayGo11.com from one page to other. The utilization of cookies assists PlayGo11 in understanding how different users use the services and features offered by PlayGo11, and customizing the website as per their interests.

The cookies used by PlayGo11 do not save, store or scan any personal information from the computer system of the user. The personal information stored in the form of cookies is attained through the user’s act, which can be defined as a user’s own input on a website's form. In an event wherein the third party advertisers associated with PlayGo11 assign their own cookies on the computer system of a user when a user intentionally/unintentionally clicks on their ad banners, PlayGo11 shall not be held responsible or liable.

There are various links and redirecting URLs’ to the third-party website on PlayGo11.com. The third-party websites have different privacy policies defined that are beyond the control of PlayGo11. In this regard, PlayGo11 shall not be held responsible for any loss, or inadequate usage of user information in the event wherein any user clicks on the redirecting URLs to third party websites and leaves PlayGo11.com's servers.

The user information collected and stored by PlayGo11.com can be shared with the third-party advertisers associated with PlayGo11 to assist them to understand the preferences of the users who visit the website and also confirm the value of advertising on PlayGo11.com.

Information Security

All the user information collected and stored by PlayGo11.com’s web servers is voluntarily submitted by the user. This information is safely and securely stored within the PlayGo11.com-controlled database, which is protected by a firewall. The access to such servers is strictly limited and is password-protected in order to ensure a safe and secure storage of the user’s personal information. However, PlayGo11 does not guarantee the security of the databases due to the fact that no security system is impenetrable or inaccessible despite adopting the best of security measures.

PlayGo11.com holds all the rights to review, modify or change the privacy policies of the site with changes or modification in the context of the internet policies. However, the usage of user information collected by PlayGo11.com will stay consistent with the policy under which the information was collected, regardless of what the new policy may be.

PlayGo11.com comprises of third-party advertisers that provide ads to the users at the time of their visit to PlayGo11.com. These third-party advertisers might use the user information (excluding personal details like name, address, phone number etc.) for analyzing and tracking the user visits to this and other websites, in order to understand the user interests, and then provide goods, services and other advertisements on the basis of user interests. PlayGo11 shall not reveal, share or disclose the personal information or the identity of the user collected at the time of registration with these third-party advertisers.

Any doubts or comments with respect to the privacy policies listed above can be sent to PlayGo11.com at [email protected]

Collecting User Information from Social Media Platforms PlayGo11 collects certain user information from social media platforms such as Facebook and Google in order to help the users create an account on the PlayGo11 platform. The information collected is stored in the PlayGo11 database and further displayed in the profile section of the user in order to provide an identification of the user to both the platform authorities and other users of the site. The information collected from the aforementioned social platforms include: Id: The “Id” here refers to a unique identification number assigned to each of the users availing the services of these social media platforms. The ID collected by PlayGo11 platform is used to identify the user visiting and availing the services offered on PlayGo11 platform. Email Id: The email id of the user using Facebook and Google services is collected by PlayGo11 as soon as the user registers on the platform using either of the social media platforms. The email id collected by PlayGo11 from such social media platforms is displayed in the user profile section of the individual using PlayGo11 services.

First Name & Last Name: PlayGo11 also collects the first name and the last name of the individual registering on PlayGo11 through the aforementioned social media platforms. The first name and last name collected is also used to be displayed in the user profile section of the individual to validate the user as a verified user of PlayGo11.

Date of Birth: The PlayGo11 platform additionally collects the Date of Birth of the user when the individual registers on the platform using either Facebook or Google. The Date of Birth collected by PlayGo11 is used to determine the age of the user and confirm whether the user registering with the platform is above 18 years of age & liable to use the services provided on the platform.

Refund Policy

At PlayGo11 we believe "Your money is yours & you should get it immediately when you want". We are working with the best banking & gateway partners to payout our users at the earliest possible.

However, all the refunds at PlayGo11 are subject to following conditions :

All the refunds are processed to the same mode / financial instruments through which the deposits were made. In some cases, internal review team may take upto 24 working hours to process a withdrawal. Immediate withdrawal after deposits, without playing matches will invite transaction fee charges, as applicable. All the winnings above Rs10,000 is subject to applicable TDS deduction. PlayGo11 reserves the right to modify/change these terms & conditions anytime without any notice.

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