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What is PlayGo11?
PlayGo11 is an online fantasy gaming platform where the users can earn real money by using their sports knowledge and skills. By creating their own team and entering cash contests, they canearn points based on the chosen players' performance in the live matches selected by them, and stand chance to earn big!
Users can sign up for the PlayGo11 application by using a valid email ID and setting a password.PlayGo11 also offers a way for the users to log in using their Facebook or google accounts.
To avail PlayGo11’s services such as team creation, joining cash contests, getting the winnings credited to your PlayGo11 account wallet, and even withdrawing the winnings, you need to get your email ID, mobile number, bank account, and PAN associated with the account verified. It is a simple, safe, and secure step-by-step process. Once you land on our sign-up page, you will be automatically guided through this process.
This could possibly have happened because of discrepancies between the personal information shared by you and the actual information. Double check your email ID, phone number, PAN card details, and bank account details, and make sure you enter only the correct details on your PlayGo11 account.
If you forgot your password, don’t worry. Just click on the 'Forgot Password' button, enter your registered email ID, and receive a link to reset your password on it in no time! In case you've forgotten your registered email id, or facing trouble logging in despite entering valid credentials, you may write to us at (Our support email ID).
If you don’t receive the email in your inbox, check your spam mail. If it’s there, mark the email from PlayGo11 as ‘Not Spam’. In case you haven’t received the email at all, please drop us an email at (Our support email ID).
Yes, you can update your profile as many times you want. Just go to ‘My Profile’ section after logging in, and edit/update your personal information, or even reset your password.
No. On PlayGo11, a single gamer can create only one account using one email ID.
All you need is decent cricketing knowledge to excel on this platform. However, if you aren’t that confident about your skills, the previews, player stats, insights, and useful hacks on PlayGo11 will prepare you for the world of fantasy cricket.

Team creation

You can create your team/multiple teams on PlayGo11 by following a simple process. You need to first select a match from the upcoming matches in which you want to field your team. The next step is to click on the ‘Create New Team’ tab, and then select your balanced team of 11 players from the two participating teams in that given match. You then need to select a captain, and a vice-captain of your choice using XX available credits.
Yes, you can edit your team till the first ball of the selected match is being bowled. Once the match begins, you cannot make changes to the team.
If the players selected in your team do not get featured in the actual match, you will not earn any point in that match.
Firstly, you need to remember that you cannot create a team by selecting players from only one team. In fact, you can only pick a maximum of 7 players from either of the teams. Secondly, the team should ideally comprise of 1 Wicketkeeper, 3-5 Batsmen, 1-3 All-Rounders, and 3-5 Bowlers.
On PlayGo11, you can create your team only within the stipulated budget of XX credits. You are advised to use your available credits judiciously and meticulously while creating the best possible team.
Selecting a captain, and a vice-captain of your choice is an important step while creating your team, as these two players can help you earn extra points during the match. While the captains earn thrice, the vice-captains get twice the original points based on their performance during the actual match.
On PlayGo11, you will find team previews, match previews, statistics of all the players playing in a particular match, match-wise fantasy statistics, and all the hacks that will help you with the insights on team creation. Besides, there’s a detailed ‘How to play’ tutorial video available on the website along with information on ‘creating & managing your team’. This should help you when you sit down to select your team.
Yes, you can, as PlayGo11 allows you to create a maximum of 8 separate teams for a single match. You can create multiple teams only after creating your first team. You can do so either by creating another team by clicking on ‘Create New Team’ option, or by cloning your previous team through the ‘Clone’ option.
On PlayGo11, you will find different contests such as grand, one-to-one, beginner, expert, hot contest, practice contest, one-to-many, etc. These contests are categorized as single entry, and multi entry. A user can join the same contest using multiple teams (max 8) only when the contest type is ‘multi entry’.

Points system

On PlayGo11, the users are awarded points according to the performance of their selected players in the live match. Refer to our ‘Fantasy Cricket Points System’ (hyperlink) to know more about the points.
While the points usually get updated after every few minutes, the final player points, team points, and the user’s rank are calculated and updated only after the match gets over.
In order to calculate and update the points/ranks, PlayGo11 relies on a reliable in-house software/third-party partner (whichever applicable), which verifies the scores from the live feed of the matches and ensures that the points/ranks are calculated and updated in an accurate as well as fair manner.
The user can check his/her team’s points any time after the match commences, simply by viewing his/her team and tapping on any player to view the points earned by him/her. The users can also check their team’s points by clicking on the ‘Fantasy Scorecard’ link on the Live Score page. (Feel free to change according to our app).
No. If the players selected in your team do not get featured in the live match, you will not earn any point in that match.


On PlayGo11, you will find different contests such as grand, one-to-one, beginner, expert, hot contest, practice contest, one-to-many, etc. There are multiple filters with respect to these contests, such as entry, number of teams, prize pool, contest type (single entry, multi entry, single winner, multi winner, confirmed, etc.). User can join any contest of his/her choice considering the contest as well as the filters.
You can join any of the contests available on PlayGo11 by simply clicking on the ‘Join‘ button below the contest you wish to join.
No, you cannot join a contest in the middle of a match. You need to create and lock your final team and join a contest before the first ball of the live match is being bowled. Can
Yes, you can create contest(s) and invite your family/friends to play alongside. In such private contests, you get to decide the prize pool and who joins the contest.
In either case, the contest will stand cancelled and the users can obtain full refund of their entry fees.
The winner(s) in a contest is/are decided on the basis of the final aggregate points of their team depending on the on-field performance of their selected players in a live match. The user whose team has highest aggregate points at the completion of the selected match is declared as the winner of the contest.
The number of winners in multi winner contests available on PlayGo11 varies from contest to contest, and is usually disclosed only when the contest is made available to join.
The ranks keep going up and down during the course of a contest as the cumulative score of the teams keeps changing due to the on-field performance of the players selected in the user’s team in a given live match.

Cash prizes

The winners are determined only after the PlayGo11 team conducts point verification to ensure that only correct and fair points have been awarded to the users based on the on-field performance of their selected players in a given live match. Once this is done, the PlayGo11 team declares the winners and distributes the cash prizes. This is usually done within few hours after the end of the match.
If you end up winning a cash contest and become eligible for a cash prize, the winnings amount will be directly credited to your PlayGo11 account wallet.
In such a situation where two or more users are tied on a same rank, the prize money is distributed between all those users equally. The government taxation policies are applicable for tax deduction in case the winnings amount is greater than INR 10,000 with a single team. However, if the user’s winnings amount is more than INR 10,000 with multiple teams, there won’t be any deduction.
Usually, the winnings amount gets credited to your PlayGo11 account wallet in XX working days. However, if it still doesn’t reflect in your wallet after the mentioned time period, you may write to us at (Our support email ID). Our support team will solve your query and assist you in every possible manner.

Account balance, withdrawals, & payments

In the main menu, under the ‘My Balance’ option of your PlayGo11 account wallet, you can check your account balance along with the detailed past transaction history.
You can add balance to your PlayGo11 account wallet through a safe & secure payment gateway, which supports different modes such as Debit Card, Credit Card, Net banking, UPI, etc.
Yes, you will receive notifications for all your transactions on your email ID as well as mobile number registered with your PlayGo11 account.
Yes, it is absolutely safe & secure to make payments through PlayGo11’s verified, and ever-reliable third-party payment gateways that use various security checks to ensure your transactions are safe.
In such situation, you may contact us (On our support email ID) along with the screenshot of your bank account which shows that the amount has been debited from your account but hasn’t been credited to your PlayGo11 wallet. Our support team will assist you in solving your query.
Under the ‘Manage Your Payment’ section of your PlayGo11 account wallet, you will find the withdrawal option, which automatically gets enabled when your winnings amount exceeds INR 200. You can withdraw your winning amount using that option. However, you cannot withdraw the deposit amount.
In order to successfully withdraw your winnings, you need to provide your bank account details such as name of the bank, branch, and account holder, the account number, and finally the IFSC code.
You can add all major credit/debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, etc. to your PlayGo11 account through a simple step-by-step process. All you need to do is click on ‘Add Balance’ tab, enter the amount you wish to add, select a card, enter your card details, and save card for future transactions. You can add as many cards you want.

Legality & Fairplay

Your favorite online fantasy gaming platform PlayGo11 is 100% legal and safe to play anywhere in India barring the states of Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Nagaland and Sikkim, where the laws either don’t permit fantasy gaming, or are unclear. Fantasy gaming, unlike betting or gambling, has been considered to be a ‘game of skill’ as per the Indian law, and is thus exempted from the provisions of the Public Gambling Act, 1867 (PGA). Read more on it here: (Hyperlink to the detailed content).
Yes. In order to participate on, or avail the services and features of PlayGo11, you should be aged 18 or older.
If a single user tries to create multiple accounts on PlayGo11 using the same set of documents, or fake/else’s documents, or tries to create multiple fake accounts to misuse his/her referral code and to earn cash bonus, it accounts to serious Fairplay violation. PlayGo11 in no way appreciates, or tolerates such behavior, and reserves absolute right to deactivate such accounts.

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